Business Studies

Head of Department: Mr A Larkin


The Department aims to equip each pupil, who opts to study Business Studies, with a comprehensive insight into business operation. The course will investigate how businesses are run, what determines business success, the financial aspects of running a business, how businesses market themselves and how businesses look after their employees.

The nature of study within KS4 will successfully equip those pupils who study Business Studies with all the key skills that are essential in today’s workplace. Pupils will develop their skills in communication, numeracy, presentation, team-working and time management.

How students are assessed

The course is assessed through the compilation of a portfolio which will be assessed by an external assessor. It is 75% coursework assessed which comprises of three units:

  • Enterprise in the Business World
  • Customer ServiceRecruitment
  • Selection and Employment

25% of the course is assessed through an on-screen exam. The focus of this exam is business finance where pupils will answer questions based on; measuring success, techniques used to plan for success, identifying how businesses can improve profits and calculating how businesses are valued.

Guidance for pupils

The course is assignment based vocational projects that pupils complete within the classroom. Independent study is done to prepare for the coursework tasks. Revision for the Finance exam is done within school and as homework tasks.

How parents can help

Parents can support pupils by discussing developments in the business environment, helping with business finance revision calculations / key term knowledge and reading through pupil’s assignments.