Head of Department: Ms S Hall

BTEC Level 1/ 2 Tech Award in Creative Media Production

Year 9

Autumn 1: Industries
Autumn 2: Sectors
Spring 1: Technical skills
Spring 2: Practical film making

Summer 1: Photoshop

Summer 2: Editing


Year 10

Autumn 1: Component 1a: Exploring Media Products
Autumn 2: Component 1b: Exploring Media Products
Spring 1: Media products, audiences and purpose

Spring 2: Explore how digital media products are created to provide meaning and engage audiences

Summer 1: Unit 2 Component 2: Developing Digital Media Production Skills 

Summer 2: Learning aim A: Develop media production skills and techniques

 Year 11

Autumn 1: Learning aim B: Apply media production skills and techniques 
Autumn 2: Production processes and practices & Post-production processes and practices

Spring 1: Learning aim C: Review own progress and development of skills and practices 
Spring 2: Component 3: Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief. Develop ideas in response to a brief. Generating ideas, develop pre-production materials in response to a brief.

Summer 1: Component 3: Managing the production process, combining and refining content Testing and Exporting for distribution

How students are assessed


The qualification consists of three components that give learners the opportunity to develop broad knowledge and understanding of the enterprise sector and relevant skills such as research, planning, problem solving and communication at Levels 1 and 2.

End of Unit 1 component 1a & 1b.

End of Unit 2 component 2a & 2b.

End of Year Controlled Assessment component 3, 48hours.

Guidance for pupils

Year 11: Invest in revision guides (can be purchased through class teacher), create a revision timetable and attend all extra revision sessions.

Homework: Mini assignments throughout the course to deepen learning.

Intervention: Intervention and additional support is available through class teacher and Mrs Holmes.

Extra Guidance & Resources: Media workbook guides are available for all pupils
workshop & catch up sessions are available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays 2:45 – 3:45pm

How parents can help

KS4: After School Revision Sessions Tuesday & Thursdays 2.45pm-3.45pm

Holiday Workshops Feb half term Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Breakfast Workshops Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday 8am-8.35am.