Head of Department: Ms R Memmory

Year 7

Autumn 1: Settling in and singing
Autumn 2: Developing Keyboard Skills

Year 8

Autumn 1: Developing Keyboard Skills
Autumn 2: Composing a Pop Song

Year 9

Autumn 1: Introduction to BTEC Music
Autumn 2: Theory
Spring 1: Exploring Sibelius
Spring 2: Solo and Ensemble Performance
Summer 1: Composition
Summer 2: Composing an Irish Jig

Year 10

Autumn 1: Managing a Music Product
Autumn 2: Managing a Music Product
Spring 1: Music Composition
Spring 2: Music and the Industry
Summer 1: Music Performance
Summer 2: Music Performance

Year 11

Autumn 1: Unit 2: Composing and Appraising Music
Autumn 2: Unit 2: Composing and Appraising Music
Spring 1: Listening Revision and exam practise/ Solo and Ensemble Performance
Spring 2: Listening Revision and exam practise

How students are assessed

Pupils are given countess opportunities to perform, both to their peers and for an audience. They are given regular feedback and set individual objectives to work on in their instrumental lessons.

Listening exam, pupils sit a PPE listening paper and do countless past papers in class during the spring term.

Guidance for pupils

Pupils are expected to practise for 20 minutes per night on their instrument.

How parents can help

Encourage pupils to practise, ask to hear them perform, attend the concert and support them performing in public. Help them to learn key words for the listening exam.