Head of Department: Mrs F Minshall 


The Personal and Social Health Education (PSHE) programme plays a vital part in informing and supporting our pupils. The programme empowers them to take responsibility for their lifestyle and learning, and enhancing their development into confident and skilled young adults who will be confident and well prepared for the challenges of life ahead as a citizen. Making the students aware how to keep safe and allows them to tackle many of life’s issues in a safe environment.

How students are assessed

Students are not formally assessed for PSHE however, do complete workbooks, reflections and questions in PSHE books. The topics and learning is in line with the PSHE Association end of Key Stage requirements. There are also other topics which are taught throughout the year in assemblies as well as PSHE sessions. For example CSE week and Anti bullying week.

Guidance for pupils

Although there is no homework set for PSHE, independent learning is used in PSHE sessions. Group work and debates are facilitated by form teachers. Extra information and where to find help is also given. We have a number of guest speakers and extra workshops throughout the year. Including the local women’s centre, The Lancashire Police Prevent team and a number of charities which all help to add an extra dimension and expertise resources which are students can learn a lot from.

How parents can help

Regular conversations with your child about the dangers and risks found in modern life help to keep them safe. Discussing news and politics is another area which helps during PSHE sessions. We also hold parent forums throughout the year on issues such as E-safety which can be useful for parents to attend.