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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism is the study of the tourist industry. The course aims to encourage students to consider further academic progression or a career in the tourism industry. Skills are developed, for example in delivering excellent customer service, that enable students to gain a broader understanding of the industry beyond geographical and locational knowledge.

Students only begin to study Travel and Tourism in Year 10. This is a BTEC course and so coursework makes up the majority of the marks available. There is also an exam based on one of the units of work covered during the course.

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Travel & Tourism Units

Core units include:

1. The UK Travel and Tourism Sector – this unit covers the main types of tourism in the UK, the contribution that travel and tourism makes to the UK economy and the different component industries that make up the UK travel and tourism sector.

2. UK Travel and Tourism Destinations – this unit covers what the different types of UK destinations have to offer, as well as locating UK tourist destinations and routes.
Unit 1 will be tested through a one hour exam which can be taken in January or June. Grades include Pass and Distinction.

This exam may be retaken if not passed successfully the first time.

There are additional units from which your teacher will choose two more to study depending on the interests and motivation of the whole group. These cover the development of the travel and tourism industry in the UK over a period of time; International travel and tourism destinations; factors affecting worldwide travel and the travel and tourism customer experience.

Lessons follow ‘assignments’ that your teacher will base around real situations in the Travel and Tourism industry. Where possible visits will be made to enhance your learning. This year we have spent the day at Manchester Airport and visited the motorway services (which included a trip to McDonald’s!)
These units will be assessed by your teacher and verified by an external assessor to ensure marking is correct. These units are awarded Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction* level.

Beyond Level 2 students may progress to Level 3 Travel and Tourism or other academic courses that benefit from the skills and knowledge learnt in this subject. Employment opportunities are more diverse than just the travel and tourism industry. Companies are often looking for the sort of skills gained in the service industry such as team-work, self-management, communication skills, customer awareness and the use of ICT.