Our Lady and Saint John Curriculum Vision

Our Lady & St John Catholic College aims to be a caring Catholic Community centred on Christ, so as to fully develop the gifts and talents of each person in order to love and serve God, others and themselves. 

"There are three languages: the language of the head, the language of the heart, and the language of the hands; education must go forward by these three ways.”

Pope Francis



Academic excellence for all Subject experts passing on knowledge.
Teaching the subject not the test.
Remove the barriers, secure the learning, bring it back.
Reflective and independent learners. 
 “a good educator risks teaching students how to walk on their own”.



Christ at the centre Forming the whole child.
A lifelong love of learning.
Living Gospel values. 
Seekers of truth and justice. 
Standing with those less fortunate.
Courageous critical thinkers challenging accepted ideas and beliefs.


Create the leaders of tomorrow.
Applying their knowledge.
Thinking, speaking, writing like a subject specialist.
Finding their place in the world, their calling, their vocation.
Expressing themselves Living a life of service.

If you wish to contact someone regarding an aspect of the curriculum, please see the the contact email addresses for our Heads of Faculty, who will be happy to support you with your enquiry.