We expect high attendance at OLSJ as a non-negotiable. It is important that you child is in school by 8:30am, but school is open from 8:15am. Any child arriving after 8:35 will be recorded as late. Children arriving after 9:30 will not receive their attendance mark for the morning’s session. We encourage all pupils to be aiming for 97% attendance and above.

Should your child, for any reason, not be at school we will require an explanation for the absence. We would expect you to telephone the school on the first day of absence by 10.00 a.m or email the attendance team on Should an explanation not be received, the school will investigate to ensure the parent/carer has authorised the absence. At times we visit homes when a child is absent, this is usual practice so we can build home/school relationship.

We reward all pupils who have a good attendance or have improved their attendance. This year our rewards have ranged from form breakfasts and chocolate treats to regular prize raffles for Mall Gift Vouchers & movie days.

We do appreciate that there are usually good reasons to account for absence, such as illness, but good attendance is vital in order that your child achieves their potential. We are extremely grateful for the parental support provided in encouraging good attendance in our school.


As with absence, lateness disrupts a child’s schooling, and we will require a parental explanation for lateness. The school will investigate all incidents of lateness that have not been adequately explained. Frequent lateness will result in after school corrections and persistent may be reported to the Education Welfare Officer.

Leave of Absence

We advise that holidays should not be taken in School term time. Any request for a holiday in term time needs to be made in writing to the Headteacher and permission is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any concerns or worries about your child’s attendance at or require additional support in maintaining good attendance, please contact our Educational Welfare Officers Lisa Bond and Suzanne Schofield who will be only too happy to assist you.

Attendance and Punctuality Tips!

– Get book bags and clothes ready the night before to speed up the morning routine

– Make sure your child is in bed at a reasonable time

– Let your child’s form teacher or Head of Year know if you or they are having problems getting up for school

– Make routine appointments eg dentist, during the holidays or after school, if this is not possible please come into school, leave for your appointment at required time & then return after the appointment.

For further details please see our attendance policy.

If you have any further queries about attendance and punctuality, please speak to Mrs Preedy or the Attendance welfare officers, Miss Schofield or Mrs Bond