Head of Faculty

Mrs Hannah Wylie

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Curriculum intent

At OLSJ, Drama provides an opportunity for all students to work collaboratively and grow in confidence. At KS3 the Drama curriculum allows each individual to express their ideas and individuality through a range of performance-based tasks. By exploring play texts, we aim to develop the students’ understanding of theatre as an art form and all that is involved within this.

In addition to this, we explore current events and important topics through character to develop the students’ empathy skills and understanding of the world around them. We aim to promote a curiosity for learning by exploring a wide variety of styles and genres throughout their studies. Students will learn to develop their teamworking, speaking and performance skills in a safe environment that supports their individuality and imagination.

Assessment details

Pupils perform regularly and are self, peer and teacher assessed.

Progress in monitored through low stakes testing, frequent class feedback sessions, and end of unit assessment.