English Language & Literature

Head of Faculty

Miss Naomi Carmichael

Contact Email

ncarmichael @olsj.blackburn.sch.uk

Curriculum intent

It is the intention of our curriculum to instil in our pupils a love of language and literature in all forms, so that they may navigate their way to becoming active citizens and servant leaders in keeping with the Christian Faith teachings in multi-cultural Britain and the wider world. Our aspirational curriculum is child centred and we believe by exposing pupils to a wide range of rich literature from across the Centuries they will have an appreciation of the written word and an understanding of how writing is influenced by cultural context; enabling them to hone their own writing; become mature critical readers with the confidence to articulate their viewpoint both orally and in writing for a range of purposes be that to inform or persuade. The curriculum will build on the skills and knowledge from KS2 and prepare pupils for the challenges of GCSE and life beyond.

Assessment details

AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 1 & 2 (Macbeth/A Christmas Carol/An Inspector Calls/Conflict Poetry Anthology).

AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1 (Fiction) Language Paper 2 (Non-fiction).