Head of Faculty

Mr Simon Dickinson

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Curriculum intent

· Introduce new conceptual understanding via a concrete ->pictorial -> abstract approach. Swift and accurately ascertained starting points ensure new content is built on secure existing knowledge.

· Secure essential knowledge using regular interleaving and low stakes testing to move this knowledge and new learning to long term memory.

· Create links between concepts and topics so learners apply these concepts to solve problems not limited to one topic (use of common themes).

· Develop confident & curious learners who value mistakes as an opportunity to develop understanding. Exposure to misconceptions secures depth of understanding.

· Inspire passion for mathematics. Improve life chances for all learners by embedding secure number sense, and create opportunities for all to appreciate mathematics as an art discipline.

Assessment details

Assessment details:

Terminal mathematics papers in year 11

Edexcel GCSE Mathematics

3 papers, equally weighted, 80 marks each

Higher Tier – Grades 3-9

Foundation Tier – Grades 1-5