Head of Faculty

Mrs Hannah Wylie

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Curriculum intent

Media is defining our connection with people in the twenty first century. It is all around us and in different forms and through studying each of the three media sectors; audio/moving image, publishing and interactive our pupils are able to fully understand and appreciate the significance of the media and its role in society.

At Our Lady and St John, we celebrate and embrace truth and industry as two of our school values which are key factors and touched on throughout the subjects. Through in-depth analysis pupils are able to understand fully the wider implications of gender stereotypes, sexism and racial discrimination exploring media products from past to present. Professional industry standards are applied across the breadth of study in all year groups.

Assessment details

Pupils are regularly and are self, peer and teacher assessed. Progress is monitored regularly through regular low stakes testing and formal end of unit and end of year assessments. At KS4, pupils are formally assessed through an externally marked exam and two internal assessments.