Head of Faculty

Mrs Hannah Wylie

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Curriculum intent

There is music in every child, our job is to nurture it.

At Our Lady and St John, we celebrate and embrace the fact that music is all around us. It is the soundtrack to our lives. Music is the heart and soul of our school and community.

We aim to nurture the musical potential in every child through a wide range of opportunities including a fully inclusive extra-curricular programme and offer all pupils the chance to learn to play a musical instrument. We aim to foster a love for music and an appreciation of a wide range of styles and genre. We have created an environment in which pupils feel safe to perform, experiment and take risks in the knowledge that they are fully supported.

Assessment details

Pupils perform regularly and are self, peer and teacher assessed.

Progress is monitored regularly through regular low stakes testing and formal end of unit and end of year assessments.

At KS4, pupils are formally assessed through an externally marked exam and three internal assessments.