Religious Education

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Mrs Jessica Barnes

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Curriculum intent

Religious Education helps pupils to have an understanding and diverse attitude towards other faiths, people of no faith, different cultures and religious traditions from our world. It helps pupils understand the importance of belonging and acceptance, peace and respect. It challenges pupils with ‘real world’ issues of social justice and ethical issue that can impact our daily lives and our greater global society. Pupils are encouraged to use different skills to explain and evaluate different perspectives. As a Catholic School our rich faith is central to our beliefs and mission in helping to shape pupils to be confident in taking up their place and path in life. Employers and universities see R.E as a robust academic subject rich in skills, knowledge and understanding.

Assessment details

Pre-requisite tests are used at the beginning of each unit to establish where pupils are in their subject knowledge and clear up misconceptions before moving on. low stakes quizzes are used, especially around Key terms and concepts. Pupils are also assessed throughout their topics of study, with an End of Topic assessment.

Assessment details: KS4

Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies Route A (until Summer 2022)

This is split into 3 exam papers.

Component one: Religious, Philosophical, and ethical studies in the modern world (50%)

Component two: Christianity (25%)

Component three: Islam (25%)


Summer 2022 we will have moved to a new GCSE curriculum which we feel represents the Catholic nature of the school:

Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies Route B Catholic Christianity and Judaism.

This is split into 3 exam papers.

Component one: Foundational Catholic Theology (37.5%)

Component two: Applied Catholic Theology (37.5%)

Component three: Judaism (25%)

Extra-curricular information:to

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