20 October 2020

A Tribute to Mr Ingham

Tribute to Mr Kevin Ingham
It is with great sadness that we share the news that our former colleague, Mr Ingham, sadly died last weekend.

Mr Ingham was a well-respected member of the OLSJ family. He taught Maths here for 15 years and  was a wonderful form tutor to many of our pupils. He took them all under his wing, even writing to his form when he was unwell to tell them he was keeping an eye on their attendance and progress from a distance!
Teachers describe him as totally committed to the children in his care. He treated all of them as individuals and wanted each one of them to do well in their own way. This even went as far as having personalised greetings every morning as he welcomed them to his classroom. It was often said that he looked forward to returning to school after holidays as he missed his pupils so much.

Staff and pupils recall the days he accompanied school trips, particularly to Disneyland, Paris. He always shared the latest Man Utd news and talked very fondly of his times spent in Cornwall.

In the words of one member of staff Mr Ingham was a proper ‘cheery chap’. Patient and grounded, he will always be remembered for his support, open ear and kindness.

May he rest in peace.

Mr Ingham