18 January 2021

Dylan Worsley Former Head Boy Off To Oxford

Former Headboy Dylan Worsley has s successfully secured a place to read history at Oxford, we asked him a few questions about his expectations; as he embarks on this new journey.

How does it feel to be going to Oxford?

I don’t believe it has truly sunk in yet, what an incredible opportunity I have been given. I remember going to visit the university on a school trip in year 9 and dreaming about being able to study there one day. I was encouraged to apply for Oxford by my History teacher at Runshaw, but I personally never thought it was a possibility which could ever become a reality. The most daunting part of the application process wasdefinitely the interview stage. To be interviewed by eleven professors over the course of three interviews was terrifying but they helped to make it just a natural conversation about a subject I was passionate about.

What would you say to the pupils of Our Lady and St John on how they can achieve?

My main piece of advice would be to always apply yourself and work hard; although you will always have those days when you lack any drive, trust me we all do, you should always keep going forward as you never know what you might achieve. No matter how unreachable you may believe your aspirations to be, they are never as impossible as we think. There will always be barriers and obstacles in life, but these can be overcome with determination and hard work.

Any advice at all that you have?

Personally, I have always been passionate about studying History, so my advice to pupils would always be to focus on the topics they are passionate about. Especially for those pupils who wish to study further at college and university, it is always easier to learn about a topic when you have a keen interest in it. I would have never thought that studying at Oxford was a remote possibility, but something I have learnt during this process is that students should always have faith in themselves, as sometimes the greatest barrier is our own self-confidence.