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Miss Kate Caldwell

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Curriculum intent

The VCERT technical award in engineering qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to engineering that includes vocational and practical and theory-based elements. The various areas of engineering will be studied bringing together learners’ prior knowledge of technology, math’s and science and applying this to solve real world problems in the world of engineering. The qualification allows learners to build up a portfolio of skills within engineering. The qualification covers two units, unit 1 understanding the engineering world and unit 2 a synopsis external set practical brief.

Assessment details

There are two areas of assessment.

Unit 1: Understanding the engineering world externally set written exam 40% of total grade.

Unit 2: Externally set synoptic project worth 60% of the total grade.

Staff list:

Mrs Jennifer Arslan

Extra-curricular information:

Burnley college workshop

Blackburn College workshops

BAE systems career guidance workshop