19 January 2021

Year 7 Pupil Sophie is World Record Holder

Year 7 pupil Sophie O’Dea has not 1 but 2 World records!!

We asked her about her latest one. Sophie said “I’ve been diving since I was 8 years old, I’ve always loved the water and grew up watching my brother Declan scuba, I had my first try dive and was hooked ever since. I passed my open water age 10 and just progressed from there. I’ve done lots of different courses and specialty dives including night and limited visibility, nitrox diver, emergency first aid and oxygen provider to list a few.”

How does it feel to have a 2 world records in 6 month?

“It feels really good. I’m really proud of my achievement. My first world record was done in July and was also a charity dive for the nhs to provide funds during the pandemic, my newest record is one I wasn’t sure was achievable especially when we went back into lockdown but my dive instructor made it possible and applied for special permission as I’m classed as an elite athlete in my field So I was really happy it could go ahead.

Any plans for more ?

I’ve no plans to get anymore world records at the moment but you never know… I’m happy just diving for fun.”